What will you be doing in the next two weeks? Weekly reviews for March

What will you be doing in the next two weeks? Weekly reviews for March 1) No need to panic, the worst month for the stock market in our time was March. But it's too late to panic, because the market is already crashed.The collapse in financial markets was quite expected. After all, we saw what happened to the economy and the well-being of our fellow citizens in March.After all, we saw how easily frightened citizens of our country "laughed at the politicians". And the market experienced its own collapse-doomed to repeat it. 2) by the end of the week, I will publish my new article, "what should I do with my investments right now."I'm in the midst of a major revamp of my investment portfolio.I'm moving from actively managed funds to a more even distribution of money in the form of index funds.I'm also canceling of scheduled purchases of currency, Eurobonds and shares of American companies. due to the outbreak the coronavirus.I hope that this will calm people's fears and make them more rational investors.3) in view of the fact that the market has already collapsed, many large investors have already withdrawn money from their accounts. accounts.Such a step is strictly necessary before the markets recover to their previous heights.Not worth it fight with sick humans and aggressive non-target oriented invest.companies.4) for now, try to "make friends" with your money.This is the only way to protect your money from losses and losses, and restore your invested amount to its original value.After that, you can start trading.What should I do in this situation?1) Do not buy/sell currency, stocks, and other financial instruments.2) Do not buy "assets" that have fallen sharply in price due to the current crisis.3) Do not try to figure out which stocks will rise or fall in the next few minutes.4) Do not buy "liabilities" that have fallen in price due to the current crisis.5) Do not buy "liabilities" that have risen in price due to the current crisis.Executive SUMMARY:1. Although you can argue that you should not have taken these steps at all.2. Although you can give yourself a "blank check" in the form of a pre-accumulated "financial cushion" or a deferred pension. whichever comes first.Either way, you can take care of your personal finances and investments — and then your anxiety about the crisis in the economy will not affect your ability to earn money.1) Read my article " Where NOT to invest money? TOP 3 most dangerous places for money". 2) Read my article "what skills you need to become rich".