How to find money to start investing

How to find money to start investing First, let me introduce you to the notion of "halftime." This is the famous "quarter to the dollar" that we all love to hate:We eagerly "hunt" for any financial news, even the most "widespread" one.In such a "war" situation, "quarter to the dollar" becomes a meaningful indicator of the intensity of the current crisis. The longer the "quarantine" and the beginning of the economic crisis "toilet" remain in effect, the more money will "come" to the market.In this article, we will talk about financial literacy and how to properly handle your money.To always be "in the money," you should follow the following rules::1) I Will not be this one this time.In the coming months, I will be the" co-owner " of the stake I bought in the "bear market".And while you are sitting in quarantine, you need to think about how to invest your money-both so that your family does not starve to death from lack of money, and so that you can start earning more money.2) Get Used to regularly investing small amounts.Every time your salary increases, immediately send 10-20% to the investment account.Use this money to replenish your "financial cushion"and make regular investments.3) Stop thinking that one day you will be able to start investing.Take this day one at a time.Do not worry about it. Let the crisis "settle in" in your head. You will be back to your usual life in a week or two.4) Now is the time to buy cheap index funds.After all, the stock market is like a roller coaster ride. Be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.After all, you don't need to do anything special to stay in the money.5) to Buy cheap, use the monthly averaging strategy.The longer the quarantine is extended, the more money you will earn. 6) Keep your money in different currencies.Stick to a monthly averaging strategy (by regularly buying currency, stocks, and other financial instruments).This will allow you to level out potential risks and earn income even when you are sleeping. 1) Read my article " Where NOT to invest money? TOP 3 most dangerous places for money". 2) Read my article "what skills you need to become rich".